Acura ILX vs BMW 3 Series

2019 Acura IlXThe 2019 Acura ILX and 2019 BMW 3 Series are both high-powered sedans that would add a healthy dose of excitement to your drives around the Wexford and Cranberry Township areas. The only question, then, is which one is more in tune with the needs of drivers in the greater Pittsburgh area?

The team at Baierl Acura wanted to find out, so we compared the Acura ILX vs. BMW 3 Series to discover our top pick.

Acura ILX vs BMW 3 Series Powertrain

Both the Acura ILX and BMW 3 Series maximize on efficiency and optimize performance with an 8-gear transmission that automatically changes gears to meet the demands of your drive. If you’re someone who likes to take control of your shift schedules on occasion, you can do that, as well, with a manual-shift mode.

While both sedans can optimize performance, we were curious about their engine output. So, we looked at what each car is capable of at the base level by comparing their standard engines.

In the Acura ILX, we found a standard 2.4L I-4 engine that generates 201 horsepower. In the BMW 3 Series, the standard 2.0L I-4 engine only puts out 180 horsepower. While the Acura ILX gives you plenty of power right out of the gate, the BMW 3 Series requires an upgrade to achieve that kind of output.

Infotainment Systems in the Acura ILX and BMW 3 Series

2019 Acura ILX DashTo keep you entertained and connected while on-the-go, the Acura ILX and BMW 3 Series both provide a full-color touchscreen in the center stack where you can look for vital information. With standard Bluetooth® connectivity in both sedans, you can take important phone calls when you’re on the road without taking your hands off the wheel.

To further enhance connectivity, the Acura ILX and BMW 3 Series make Apple CarPlay™ available (standard in the ILX). This feature allows you to fully integrate your iPhone® with your car and access your favorite apps through your infotainment system, including phone calls, text messages, internet radio streaming, and navigation.

Unlike the BMW 3 Series, the Acura ILX also makes this capability standard for Android users via Android Auto™ integration.

Unfortunately, the BMW 3 Series doesn’t offer Android Auto™, so Android users won’t have the same level of connectivity as they would in the Acura ILX.

Active Safety Features

The Acura ILX and BMW 3 Series both make safety a standard feature by offering a full suite of technologies that can help you stay aware of your surroundings.

One feature these sedans have in common is adaptive cruise control. This safety system can help reduce fatigue during long car rides by automatically adjusting your cruise control speed to a safe following distance when you approach slower moving traffic.

They also have a forward collision mitigation system that issues an alert to slow down for potential hazards up ahead. If necessary, the automatic braking features will bring your car to a stop for you to try to avoid an impending collision.

A key difference here is that the Acura ILX makes these features standard on every package, whereas drivers of the BMW 3 Series would have to add on a package upgrade to benefit from these active safety systems.

Acura ILX vs BMW 3 Series: Which Will You Drive?

After comparing the Acura ILX vs. BMW 3 Series, our team at Baierl Acura determined that the ILX has more of what Pittsburgh area drivers need. If you want to try this sedan on and see what it can add to your drives around Wexford and Cranberry Township, browse our full inventory of new Acura ILX models online and we’ll get you behind the wheel.