How Air Quality Affects You and Important Components in Your Car

If you’ve ever had questions about air qualities affecting you while you’re driving in Wexford, PA, then we have your answers. We encourage you to visit us so that we can get you in for a routine service appointment.

Your cabin air filter prevents air particles from reaching your car interior such as mold, dust and dirt. These particles freely fly through the air and cannot be detected with the human eye. The cabin air filter captures the particles while protecting you from ingesting them.

An engine air filter specifically works to block air pollutants from the engine components that need to be free of dust and dirt to perform properly such as your fuel system. An engine air filter helps to reduce the air particles that can prevent your vehicle from getting its best fuel mileage. You will benefit from much better fuel efficiency when the engine air filter is replaced at precise intervals during regular maintenance.

A service appointment at Baierl Acura will help you stay on track to monitor your filter replacements!

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