Learn the Signs of Exhaust Leaks

Your exhaust system keeps the air clean inside your car and outside the vehicle. A faulty exhaust system could put odorless, colorless gases back into your car, putting you and your passengers at a medical risk. Exhaust system problems don't get better on their own, either.

If you hear a popping or hissing noise while your engine is running, you could have an exhaust system problem. Vibration or rumbling while your car is parked and running could also signal exhaust problems. Small leaks can also develop over time, particularly where the exhaust manifold meets up with the cylinder head.

If you've noticed any of the signs of exhaust problems with your car, our service department at Baierl Acura is ready to check your system. We are located nearby in Wexford and have convenient hours to keep your car running cleanly and safely.

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