Does My Vehicle Have Two Differentials?

A differential is nothing more than a set of gears that allows two or more tires to spin independently of one another. This mechanical component is extremely important to the driveability of a vehicle, and that is why you should spend some time learning more about how they work and what you can do to keep yours running smoothly while driving around Wexford.

In the average car, there is only a single differential. For vehicles that have front-wheel drive, the differential is usually housed inside the transmission. If you are driving a car or truck that has rear-wheel drive, then the differential is located in separate housing closer to the back wheels. AWD and 4WD vehicles either have two differentials or a single differential located near the driveshaft.

If your differential fluid hasn’t been flushed in the last 60,000 miles, then we invite you to head to Baierl Acura for this vital maintenance task.

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