Best Gifts to Donate to Treasures for Children this Season

Treasures for Children was formed by the Salvation Army of Western Pennsylvania to help the children of this community have a happy holiday season. With your help, they’re able to give clothing, food, toys, and gifts to families in need.

If you’re able to help this amazing program this year, take a look at the best gifts to donate to Treasures for Children this season by reading the list below. You can easily find the perfect gift for any age group and feel great while doing it, knowing you’re helping your fellow man.

Gift Ideas – Ages Birth to 4

These little kiddos love opening presents just like the rest of all, but at this age, it’s important to give them age-appropriate items to keep them safe and help with their development. Anything Playskool™ and Fisher Price™ is a smart bet, as they’re made to help these little ones grow. Dress-up accessories are a great idea, too, as they promote individuality at a young age. Also, Duplos™ keeps their hands busy while learning building fundamentals.

Gift Ideas – 5 to 9

During this age, keeping kids busy is important, as they have so much energy to give. Books, board games, Imaginiex™, and coloring books are all great because these items keep them thinking while having fun.

Legos™, arts and craft supplies, and Nerf™-related items allow them to test their imagination and create something truly incredible. Outdoor gear, including soccer balls and other sports-related item, keep them off screens and having a blast outside.

Gift Ideas – Ages 10 to 13

As children turn into young adults, learning more about growing up is critical and makes them feel good. This is why 10-to-13-year old kids love getting such gifts as electronics, make-up, perfume/cologne, watches, and skateboards or scooters. However, let’s not forget they’re still kids! Books, board games, RC vehicles, and things of the like are still great to donate for this age group to keep them entertained and their minds blossoming.

Help This Holiday Be One to Remember

After discovering the best gifts to donate to Treasures for Children this season, you’re in a great place to help families have the best holiday ever.

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